Marie Paugh Photography: Blog en-us M Photography (Marie Paugh Photography) Sun, 10 Sep 2017 15:52:00 GMT Sun, 10 Sep 2017 15:52:00 GMT Marie Paugh Photography: Blog 120 86 New Prices for fall and opening books up! On July 5th, I had a hysterectomy that put me out of commission for a while and I refused to take bookings after the surgery.  I'm glad I did that but then Harvey happened!  Being a small "luxury" business, photography is the first thing to cut for many families (including myself).  It's understandable.  So I am taking a step back and basically starting my business over.  Closing my studio before the surgery was necessary especially with blocking the calendar until I was well enough to take on clients again.  So for now, I will be inviting you into my home or only doing outdoor photography during certain times to be able to juggle home and business in my home.  Sessions will be held in my home M-F 9am - 3pm and outdoor during sunrise or sunset (depending on time changes).  I'm booking two weekends out of the month for photography (that changes depending on month/holiday schedule).  I will continue to book events and weddings max 2/month.  Due to the lack of studio at this time, I will invite you to order prints through me but it is not required at this time.  My goal is to open another studio when my calendars are full again and turn it back into my full time job.  



Quick Sessions (Cypress Only) - $150 - 15 digital images via digital download

Full Sessions - $300 - 30 digital images via digital download

Weddings/Quinceanera's books open (November 2017-June 2018): $1500 Base Digital Package with add on's additional

Newborn Photography: $250 in my home in Cypress or $350 in yours.

Birth Photography (Only Cypress/Tomball/Katy Area): $500





For those affected by Harvey (loosing house/possessions) I will be offering a day of family portraits for free.  Please send me an email with your story and we will put you on the list.  Unfortunately, many take advantage of these type of offerings so the story with pictures is requested. email:

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.  My books are now open for October, November and December!!!  


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Out of commission LIFE!  Oh man, what can I say.  There are so many things in this world that are put into perspective so quickly when life throws surprises your way.  I love what I do and I love that I have the support system in place to allow me to do what I love.  BUT sometimes life get's in the way and you have to take a step back.  

The hardest part of running a photography business is when you are the PRIMARY photographer for your company and you have to have down time for your health.  Unfortunately, I will be facing that time for about 6 weeks starting in July.  I will be having surgery.  

Part of my art is putting it all out there.  Well, to be an open book I have to put myself out there knowing that some may think it's not something for the intraweb.  BUT, most of you reading this know me pretty personally. I suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome); Endometriosis, and fibroids.  There is a constant pain that has put me in the hospital on 5 occasions, caused me to have trouble getting pregnant as well as cause multiple surgeries to reduce pain and possibility of internal bleeding. This will be my 5th surgery because of these issues but this will solve 80% of them.  A hysterectomy.  





  1. a surgical operation to remove all or part of the uterus.



I am 36 (about to be 37) and will be having this surgery.  I have two children (thankfully) and am ready to have a better life.  WITH THAT BEING SAID... That means I will be out of commission for 6 weeks to recover.  July and part of August, I will not be able to do photography.  This won't be your typical surgery that is done via laparoscopy; I will be having another C-Section.  I was hoping to never experience that pain again... a VERTICAL C-section that is from my belly button down.  ***Here's to hoping he'll take out some belly chub while he's at it.***  

Anyhow, I hope you understand and will keep me on your list for future bookings. I WILL have a list of referrals to send you if you are in need of amazing photographers during this time.  I have an AMAZING group of people in my life who carry an amazing talent behind the camera.  Please feel free to email me for referrals or just to talk. I'm sure I'll be knitting a lot during this time and online BORED and re-editing things from before. I AM available for any and all bookings for April, May and part of June!!!  Don't hesitate to message or email me as I need all the bookings I can get to pay for this AMAZING (sarcasm) surgery.  

Peace, Love, Happiness and Health!  


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Changes **********UPDATE:  Keeping the studio open on a month to month basis until the new adventure begins!  Thankful for an amazing landlord!**************


I'm not a huge fan of change in my personal or professional life, but times of change are coming to Marie Paugh Photography!

The studio in Richmond will be closing sometime this year for a new adventure (to be announced).  That does not mean I will not be shooting!  I'm offering Mini sessions during this time of transition and to keep things simple they will be all inclusive.  My prints will be available to purchase through online galleries, in home product viewing and video conferencing so we can talk about options BUT Digital's will be included in all mini's.  

Mini sessions can be booked with 50% down sent via paypal to  

Mini's are as follows

Sunday, March 5th - Downtown Dollcake Diva's - $200 w/15 digitals - (add hair/makeup for $100) ***Dresses provided***

Sunday, March 12th - Spring Break Beach Mini's - $150 - 30 minute sessions - 10 Digitals - think fun in the sun with sand and water!  (Family sessions are welcome for these)  


Sunday, March 26th  - Bluebonnet sessions - 20 minute sessions - 10 Digitals - $150 - Back up day TBD based on blooms (another date will be added if this books up) - Brenham or Chapel Hill location  (Family sessions are welcome for these)

Saturday, April 1st - Easter Sessions - 15 minutes - 10 Digitals - $150 - Indoor/Outdoor depending on weather/studio status 

Saturday, April 29th and Sunday, April 30th - Mom and Me mini's (in studio location TBD) - $250 - 10 digitals and a beautiful 11x14 standout print (add hair and makeup for $150 pp)

Saturday, May 27th - Me and My dad mini's (outdoor location TBD) - $150 - 10 digitals and beautiful 11x14 standout print 


Other sessions will be added after May but that's as far as I've scheduled out for now!  Thank you all for being so supportive during this transition!  Please contact me with any questions on these mini's or if you would like to book me for weddings, quinces, newborns or family... I need to book all the sessions I can this year for this amazing new adventure!!!  



Marie Paugh



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Noah's Birth When Jessica, a fellow photographer, asked me to photograph the birth of her son I was HONORED!  One for her to think I was good enough to capture such an important event in her life and for another, it's one of my favorite things in the world of photography.  Birth photography and videography are a passion that I've only been blessed to photograph 8 times in my life (this makes 9).  We talked about the date and kept up with her progress.  I have to say, this was the PERFECT birth.  Not only did she deliver on a Saturday in the morning but it only lasted 4-5 hours.  It was pure perfection.  

When it comes to photographing such an intimate moment, I try my best to make sure the mom is comfortable in knowing that I am a modest photographer.  I ask all of those important, very personal questions before the contract is signed via a questionnaire.  Jessica was open to my artistic vision and trusted me.  WHAT AN AWESOME FEELING!

During the delivery what I witnessed was a mom of one about to be two, calm and collected.  She knew exactly what she needed to do with her body to help her and baby progress.  When I walked into the room, she was standing and swaying through each contraction.  Smile on her face and hand on her belly. 




All birthing mothers go through the "let me check your cervix" check and Jessica was ok with this capture!  It's the moment you think "how far can you go there, lady".  I had both of my kids via C-section but you mom's out there that went through labor know this all too well.  

As the labor progressed, all I saw was the love this family has for each other.  Yousef is deeply in love with his wife.  Every chance he could he was showing his appreciation and holding her hand, seeing what she needed, checked on the babies heart rate, kissed her deeply, and played with their first born with just as much love and compassion.  It was honestly a beautiful thing to see.  The love is there, the respect is there, the family is a strong family that is bonded with the good stuff... permanent bonding agent of the strongest kind.  Their good friend was there to watch big brother while mom went through the birthing process which was pretty quick.  There was a couple of hours at a standstill, everyone went to get lunch and gave her some time to rest and much to everyone surprise, that's all she needed to be fully ready to push.  Everyone was called back....

This was the very moment the doctor was called....

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Newborns are my specialty Over the years working behind the lens I've learned the things that make me extremely happy... Newborn sessions, dressing up little ladies in dollcake fun, and love!  Starting out, I didn't have the studio in Richmond, but worked in the homes of my clients.  For the most part, most were located in Cypress near where I live.  I absolutely loved that, but dragging all of the props, floor drops, lighting, blankets and everything else associated with newborn sessions, I knew I needed a studio.  This has been my favorite place to create.  From the elaborate Star Wars theme with fellow photographer, Jessica from Shutterenvy...

Jacksons bookworm shoot...

To clean, simple images...


But each session is different based on the clients needs and my need for creativity.  During the next couple of months, I plan to photograph more creative sessions, both booked and model calls.  I enjoy newborns so much and hope to fill my calendar with them!!!!  My next project is for my Texas Hunters!  Can't wait to do this session next week!  

To book your newborn session email  


When is the best time to book your newborn session?  When you are pregnant in the second trimester.  

When is the best time to photograph your newborn?  Within the first two weeks of life.  They are more flexible, sleepy and curly.


For every client that sends a newborn my way will receive a $50 credit toward their next session fee!  

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Lemonade Stand with the Spencer girls Lemonade Anyone?  What a wonderful gift it was to be able to use this stand.  Jack did a wonderful job in building it.  The Spencer gals had a blast selling to mom and dad.  What could be better than spending a morning in Tomball learning to be an entrepreneur (or pretending to be).  :D  Jordyn and Brooklyn even took a taste of product to ensure quality. 

Lemons and Raspberries make for a great PINK Lemonade!

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Morgan and her Angel Introducing Morgan, she is a beautiful soul that will be forever guided by her Angelic twin sister.  Her sister, Harper, gained her Angel wings on April 1st, 2016.  Morgan was such a dream to photograph, she made my job so easy!  Brandie asked if I could come up with something to remember her sister by and a single butterfly was the symbol that resonated the most with us.  The butterfly is a spiritual symbol for life after death because of it's metamorphosis form a caterpillar that crawls on the ground to a beautiful creature that flies through the air.  What could have more meaning than that!

Morgan's big brother and sister are in love and who could blame them! Her parent's are from my home town of El Campo and it's so awesome that they live in the same city I do now, Cypress, TX.  Right down the road, in their home is where this session took place and I am humbled and honored to be asked to photograph such an awesome family.  


"Remembering twin sister Harper Ann who fell asleep with angels at 23 weeks on April 1st, 2016"

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Lemonade Stand with Aubree Aubree is an amazing young lady who has aspirations to be a model!  Can you tell?  Her smile is contagious, when i was editing I couldn't help but smile.  Her dad, Jack built this just to put that smile on her face.  It doesn't surprise me as his job is pretty selfless as a firefighter.  This entire setup was their design, the only thing I brought was my camera, HOW COOL IS THAT!  

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Beautiful Baby Emma Oh Beautiful Emma, how I not only LOVE your name but also love every. single. thing. about your session (s).  Livi was my first maternity in studio and I'm hoping not my last.  My studio in Richmond, TX is small but it is so much fun having.  Livi wore dresses that I made with my grandmother's hand me down sewing machine.  Love how it all came together.  Now Emma is such a beautiful baby girl with the longest lashes!  Her mom is a makeup artist and she has aspirations of teaching her daughter the tricks of the trade!  


Note: I am a DIY photographer that tries to make everything I use for every session.  Pretty much everything in this session was made by me, from cutting fabric and dying it for newborn wraps to the cute flower headpieces you see on baby Emma.  I love all things crafty for sure!  ;)

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Langley's Birthday!  


Beautiful Little Miss Langley loves to be FANCY just like her favorite book "Fancy Nancy". She's a ball of personality and loves to pose, twirl, dance, be silly and wear lots of pearls.  She brought her cute little purse during the session with her sunglasses and hairbows ready to shine.  


Sparkly headpieces by


Headpiece by

Headpiece by Heapiece by

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Kevin Downtown Houston Senior Session Marie Paugh is a Houston based photographer with a studio based in Richmond, TX.  She specializes in Newborn, Children, Family, Senior, Quince and wedding photography.  To book your session with her email for your specialized session!


One of my favorite things is to spend quality time with my clients and do an extended session.  Traveling to Downtown Houston has been the top of my location list for a while now and I can't help but love it every time I go.  Trying out different locations with different clients.  Kevin is a 2016 senior graduating this summer.  He was especially fun going to the tops of the downtown garages with me to enjoy the scenic view.  He has a special interest in photography or instagram-ography!   Congratulations Kevin, shoot for the stars!


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Scarlett is here! Marie Paugh is a Cypress Texas portrait photographer with a studio in Richmond, Texas.  Photographing those important milestones in life with a special interest in newborns, children, maternity, senior, quinceanera and weddings.  For more information on booking your next session, email


Miss Scarlett was a tough little one, at 5 days old she was so alert to her surroundings.  A very light sleeper, she made me work for every image!  Such a beautiful girl with a head full of hair and a sassy personality to boot.  Jacky, she is beautiful! Welcome to the world little Scarlett!  


Book your newborn session now:


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Surprise Announcement! Marie Paugh is a Cypress Texas portrait photographer with a studio in Richmond, Texas.  Photographing those important milestones in life with a special interest in newborns, children, maternity, senior, quinceanera and weddings.  For more information on booking your next session, email

When I scheduled this session, I thought it was just a normal family session with their dog.  Little did I know, they had a whole different idea in mind!  

Julia was ready for her session, as she walked into the door, she handed me this picture... 

It was a surprise that I wasn't expecting and I actually cried tears of happiness for them!  The session turned into an announcement session mini and spur of the moment we created some fun images!  Congrats Julia and Ricky, ya'll are going to have a beautiful new bundle before you know it! <3

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Nicole Senior 2016 Nicole is the daughter of one of my dearest friends, Melissa!  Melissa used to basically live at my house, we spent so much time together.  Time and growing up, it was amazing seeing her again.  Nicole, she is an amazing young lady... it was such a fun session!  Although I am only 1/2 way done editing her session I couldn't wait to share!  

Downtown Houston - Senior session

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Mason the Cookie Monster Mason is the cutest little guy!  I've been so lucky to have watched him grow up to this handsome young man who adores his mom, loves to play with his tractor and is trying to learn to make a tricycle move by pushing those little peddle things! He has such a personality on him and a smile, a smile that can make just about anyone melt!  Thank you, Kristi, for letting me be a part of his journey! 

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The Face of Selflessness “It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.” 
― Dalai Lama XIV

I met this group of amazing people during our initial planning of the 2014 Texas Tequila and Margarita Festival.  Brian Hall met with the Texas Tequila Promotions group at a cafe and you could feel the passion he had for this mission.  Everyone at one point or another is affected by cancer.  That scarry C word.  When it happens, you become numb and not really sure what to do.  Friday Harbour helps by making it their mission to ease the burden of the cancer journey by providing FREE temporary lodging to patients and their families.  SO, We chose them as our charity that we were going to donate to.  They were so kind, active and engaging with every event goer at the Festival.  Educating people on their cause and having a great time right along with the patrons.  It was just amazing.  

These faces are the faces of true heart.  They volunteer their time and energy to make this charity a success.  So without a question, when they needed head shots for their website, it was a no-brainer!    

Please take a moment to go like their facebook page and go to their website and learn more about what they do and how you can help. 



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Riha Family Amy Contacted me to photograph  her entire family.  I met Amy when I offered to do her wedding last minute when her photographer fell through.  She is a beautiful soul.  I enjoyed her wedding so very much... especially going to visit her momma in the hospital. 

After getting to know her family, I see they are all such beautiful souls.  Thank you for including me in your important family moments!  

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Never an ordinary Zoo day! Wherever I go... my 50lbs + photography bag with camera and lenses are always in tow.  Had an amazing time with my BFF, Becky.  The kids had a great time and the rain stayed away enough for us to have some fun! 

The kiddo'sMy kids are DONE with my camera, can you tell? JovieWe haven't seen each other that much this summer so she was not sure about me just yet.   Never a dull moment.  


Want "A Day in the Life of..." session?  email



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My Raw Uninhibited Story

I’m an artist, not a writer but I have decided to tell my story as my way of growing.  Growth is important in every aspect of life.  Growth is raw, open and honest.  Over the course of four days, I’ve learned more about myself than I have ever known in the 34 years of my life.  Learning oneself and ADMITTING it is one of the hardest and rawest forms of self awareness.  This sounds pretty narcissistic but it’s necessary. 

I recently went to Salt Lake City, Utah for the first annual Clickaway Conference.  I started the conference feeling judged by someone I didn’t know.   I can say that when someone is judging others negatively, they are actually judging themselves.  This event was put on by Clickinmoms and made up of moms across the world.  Being a mom, I know that I have to teach my children to be blind to color, size, looks and abnormality.  I feel that also is true in life for everyone, you should close your eyes and see soul not looks.  With that being said, the start to my adventure was in tears alone in my room…

I decided not to sit there and feel sorry for myself, get out of the room and enjoy the beauty of the beautiful weather and find someone to have dinner with.  I had met Sue that afternoon and was invited to dinner but couldn’t find the restaurant to meet her and when I finally did, I couldn’t find her and thought maybe it was too late.  I started to walk back to the hotel and had to take a moment to stop and cry in an alley, the closest one I can find to hide and cry.  As I looked down, there was a feather.

There is a meaning so dear and true to my heart and I have to describe the feather.  My grandfather died years back, he was our families glue.  One of the most amazing men I’ve ever known (other than my husband, dad, uncle mingo and cousin Colby amongst others).  He was funny and so very loving.  He would give you the shirt off his back, tell you the straight hard truth and then love you harder.  When he passed, he showed us that he never left by leaving feathers everywhere, I mean everywhere.  Our family feels these feathers are always there in our darkest moments.  I have full faith and feel validated in my feelings that my grandfather is always here when I’m having a dark moment and in my dark moment, he was there.

As I was walking back to my hotel starving, I was waiting for the crosswalk little man to show his face so I can cross the four lane street in front of the convention center... when a beautiful young lady approached other clickinmoms in front of me.  She asked if they knew if anyone was in need of a roommate because her roommate text messaged her when she landed telling her she cancelled their hotel reservation and would be staying with someone else.  This beautiful young lady was in the same boat as I was and I felt a connection because I felt that same hurt.  Her roommate ditched her because she was young and without kids.  Another beautiful person in front of me offered her room and spare bed.  How awesome is that!  We talked and I asked if she had dinner (she hadn’t).  I  helped her get her bags and walk her back to her new room while stopping at a restaurant to have dinner together.  What I learned about her is she is beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside.  She had a BEAUTIFUL soul and was an amazing person.  She was a world traveler going to Prague amongst other places.  God put her in my path right when I needed her!  I’m thankful for that.


The next day, Sue and I woke up before the sun rose and went to the Mormon Temple at Temple Square to photograph and watch the sun rise.  It was MAGNIFICENT!  We photographed so many beautiful things in that square every morning.  As my time continued on in Salt Lake City, those mornings were always more beautiful than the one before. 

That first day I went to class for Business and Marketing, listening to a local photographer that is freakin amazing, Jennifer Dell among 5 others.  They talked about taking value in your work and yourself.  I was nervous because I haven’t felt very many open warm arms in the local photography industry.  Mainly because photographers feel that it’s a competition at times in this saturated market.  I left the class before it ended because I really didn’t know how Jennifer Dell would feel with a local listening to her Marketing discussion for Houston.  I learned SO MUCH from her… 

The first day I also met Nicole Everson, she is outgoing and a beautiful soul.   She taught a class in family portraiture and we had the opportunity to practice on this cute family. Seriously, they were all models! 

The afternoon was a small change in me that I had been needing and yearning to see… I had the opportunity to see Sue Bryce!  SUE FREAKIN BRYCE!  If you don’t know who she is, look her up… She is AMAZING, not only as a photographer but a speaker.  She is a motivational speaker for women and she touched my soul.  It was terrible, I have always watched her from afar and have always wanted to meet her.  I listened to her story and her word and thought she was telling my story.  She talked about moms needing to get in front of the camera and how our children only see beauty not our imperfections.  I don’t take pictures of myself, hardly ever!  ALL I SEE IS MY IMPERFECTIONS, but WHY?  I walked up to Sue Bryce after the conference and she was a busy bee.  The more I stood there waiting on her to finish up with some other ladies there, the more nervous and self conscious I got.  Was she going to think I’m annoying?  Would she see right through me and see all of my imperfections?  She was my idol, I wanted her to think highly of me but my insecurities got the best of me.  I couldn’t talk, just hugged her and wanted a picture with her.  Did that, said thank you and left!  I FREAKIN LEFT because of MY insecurities!  WTHell is wrong with me?  I thought about that this entire time and never got to see her again…

That afternoon I had the opportunity to see Nicole Everson again.  She was teaching Newborn posing and I learned a lot.  What impressed me the most about Nicole is that she sat with Sue and I the next day at Meg Bitton’s talk.  She is just like me, learning as much as she can…

That night during the cocktail reception, I walked up to Jennifer Dell (Houston photographer) and said hello.  I told her how amazing I thought she was and was honest about my feelings about not being able to talk with local photographers normally.  She was SO down to earth with a beautiful soul.  I was growing.

Throughout this time, I talked Sue’s (my new friend’s) poor little ear off.  Sue is a person who is a great, I mean GREAT listener as well as a woman who has an amazing story.  She changed my life more than any talk or educational/motivational speaker of the entire event.  The one thing she asked me that finally clicked was WHY am I so insecure and self conscious about myself and my work?  The first thing that popped into my head was my childhood… weird as it sounds I’ve never known how invisible I’ve felt growing up.  I’ve kept that feeling deep down inside and never told anyone about it.  She brought that out in me.  Someone put in my path by God.  Sue was there every step of this event and I am so very grateful for her.

This part of my story I’ve already talked and cried with my sister about.  It’s the most honest I have ever been with myself and my family.  I told her that growing up and even as an adult, I felt invisible.  Our family would always dote on my beautiful sister, telling her how beautiful she was, how great of a dancer she was and her personality was amazing.  My aunt would call her “my little Barbie doll” and she was always the one that was complimented.  She didn’t care what people thought of her, she didn’t listen to anyone.  She was my protector in more ways than one.  She had nothing to do with these feelings of invisibility.  She was beautiful and always tried her best to protect me and I love her for that.  When girls would be mean to me, she was the first to go and throw them in a ditch.  She didn’t know how deeply these feelings of invisibility were corrupting my soul.  It made me a promiscuous person.  I overcompensated my insecurities by dating anyone that would accept me.  My thoughts were, “wow, he’s actually looking at me and WANTS to date me”.  Anyone who gave me attention, I would succumb to.  I was broken and didn’t even know it.  My sister actually didn’t talk to me for two years because she didn’t understand why I would do what I did to myself.  She didn’t know that I was scared to bring anyone I dated around her because I was scared they would like her more than me.  I still don’t think I’ve mentioned that.  The two years we didn’t speak were the hardest two years of my life.  I was alone and invisible. 

Those two years when my sister went missing from my life is when I met my knight in shining armor.  Brent is my soul mate. He sees me for me and doesn’t see anything other than his beautiful wife, even now.  How did I get so lucky to get such a hot man in my life to love me more than anything.  He accepts my insecurities and even though I’ve given him a hard time, he’s stuck with me through thick and thin.  I love him more than I love myself and he loves me the same.   

I’m a person who cares deeply and will do anything for you.  I went to nursing school wanting to help others, didn’t make it through that because of my passion for photography overpowering my passion for medicine but I have learned how to care for others.  The thing I needed and did learn during this adventure was how to love myself.  I am visible and needed to value myself.  I do now value myself and am CONFIDENT in who I am.  My photography is great, not perfect, but great.  I will always take the time to learn and grow.  This new found confidence has brought me to my knees.  I’ve thanked God for freeing me of my insecurities.  I am now free…

At the end of the trip, I went to Nordstrom’s and sat in Sixth and Pine to have lunch alone.  I have never ever been confident enough to eat alone.  I sat there with thank you cards in hand for my new friend Sue and her friend who let me borrow her, Susan.  I was able to freely write them a note without thinking about what they thought of me.  It was freeing.

I am an artist, creator and open hearted person who believes whole heartedly that people are put on this earth for a purpose.  Everything happens for a reason and life is short so live it!

I told Brent this yesterday:  Reach for the stars, they really aren’t that far.  I’m sure I heard that somewhere but I will live by that… It’s a promise to me! 


Sidenote: this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever written and only felt the need to share as a way for me to show the world (well maybe the 5 of you who read this) that I am FREE and only can share because I am free. Everyone has a story... what's yours?\

The first picture: The young lady on the left is Ericka, then there is the amazing Sue and then Susan and finally me at the reception.

Beautiful images from our Temple Square mornings...



My promise to my children is to get in front of the camera so my kids remember me for me.  Who I am in the moment not who I want to be in 45 days when I loose enough weight to feel comfortable.  This is me and my Tia Dolly and My baby girl.  Silly Girl! 

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Mason is growing so fast It makes my heart melt to watch little ones grow!  I'm so lucky to be apart of such an amazing transformation of this little guy.  Such a handsome little tough guy that has already overcome so much in his life. 

Mason at 6 month loves creating little bubbles, you can see them in almost every image.  He can sit by himself for a little while and SMILES so big when he see's his mommy and daddy!  So handsome in his little hat, isn't he!

20160819-1714_AN2_778520160819-1714_AN2_7785 20161020-sénégal-dakar-saly-afrique-_14I435820161020-sénégal-dakar-saly-afrique-_14I4358D4 Mary & Ruairi-249Mary & Ruairi-249

Our next session is when he is 9 months old, I can only imagine what he will be doing then! 


Thanks for looking! 



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