Marie Paugh Photography: Blog en-us (C) Marie Paugh Photography (Marie Paugh Photography) Tue, 24 Apr 2018 01:04:00 GMT Tue, 24 Apr 2018 01:04:00 GMT Marie Paugh Photography: Blog 120 68 Texas Love Do you have Texas Pride? Jaclyn and Keith wanted to show that Texas Pride during their engagement session... what better way than to hang out in the bluebonnets for  their session.  

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Take Me Out to the BALLGAME! Childhood baseball games... they are the best!  I love how the young boys and girls try their best, get nervous and just play!  The boys did great.  They both got hits and Angel SCORED a point!  Way to go, THEY WON! <3

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Swing with me, Mom! It's been a very busy spring season for Marie Paugh Photography, and I'm so VERY THANKFUL!  To ensure the momentum continues, I want to invite you into my studio in TOMBALL, TEXAS for "Swing with me, Mommy!" session's!   These are super special to me because I've been wanting to do this for a while and finally, FINALLY... the concept is purchased and complete!  So please join me to celebrate being a mom or to celebrate the lady who made you a dad with these porch swing sessions!  (hint, hint, dad!  Great Mother's Day gift!).  

THE FIRST 5 to book will receive a beautiful 11x14 Acrylic print!



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Phan Family 2017 The Phan Family is so adorable!  

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Baby Austin A mother's love is unconditional, raw, unwavering.  I think that's why I love photographing babies so much!  That feeling is magnetic!  This family is no different.  During the time at thier home, I witnessed a father who was sitting on the ground in the playroom with the eldest child reading a book and teaching him his ABC's.  Carli was with me the entire time watching and loving on her new miracle, telling me about her experience with previous losses and you can just feel the love... not only for these two children but the children now watching over this family.  Little Austin is a rainbow baby.


"A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. A beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. ... A rainbow baby brings light but by no means replaces the angel baby."


Welcome to the world little man!  

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Kendra in Dollcake

Thanksgiving Day, I was FINALLY able to meet another little cousin!  How awesome is that, two new awesome family members in one week.  This is little Ms. Kendra. She is EXTREMELY smart and oh so sassy cute.  She loved dressing up in the Dollcake Vintage dresses I HAPPENED to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.  Twirling, laughing and just having a good time hanging out.  I love this little bit and can't wait to hang out with her again in Grandma Glady's backyard!  

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Baby Jacob

I love my family!  We were raised to take moments and time to enjoy family because time goes by so fast.  Growing up close and staying close as we grow takes work and I'm so thankful that my cousin Desiree and I have been close most of our life...  even as we've become wives and mothers.  I'm so proud of the mom she has become (she has lot's of patience as a mom) and with this being her last blessing, of course, I had to photograph him.  This is the newest little cousin, Jacob!  He's so handsome and is already so loved! 

I can totally hear our late grandpa Jasso calling him his little chango (or sh*tas*, or tornado, or another crazy name that made us laugh), he would be so proud!  



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Walton Family Session Awe, I love the Walton family!  They have been with me since the beginning of my photography journey and I couldn't be more thankful that they love my photography as much as I do!  I still remember Langley being a little bitty baby with those big blue eyes barely able to sit... now she's a beautiful sassy girl who loves everything girly (her mom has trained her well).  Mason was a Christmas baby and was so tiny and cute.  Now a spitting image of his dad!

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Mr. Wook! I met Amy and Eddy the day of their wedding in Bay City, TX a couple of years ago.  LITERALLY, the day of the wedding.  Ever since, I have watched this family grow and it has been an amazing journey! 

This is baby Luke, he's handsome and smiles a lot (except when you are messing with him too much during photo shoot! LOL)

This session was held in the comfort of their home in Bay City, TX.  If you are interested in a newborn session please email me, I LOVE BABIES!

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Newborn Karter - Cypress Newborn Photographer On location, in your home or mine, are where newborn sessions are held.  When going on location in a new mom's home, it makes it that much easier on new mommies!  I take my car-full of props, blankets, hats, knitted onsies and all the extra stuff needed to you instead of you having to pack up and come to me.  That's exactly what we did for Mr. Karter. We actually went to Grandma's house for this session and boy was she interested in watching it all happen.  It was so fun.  Baby Karter made it easy on me, that's for sure.  We were able to get so many poses and portraits that it's going to be that much harder for mom and dad to choose! 


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Fall Family Update Special Sessions - Cypress Texas Click here to book your session!



An amazing deal with amazing package options so you get physical prints/products and Holiday Cards!  Takes the work out of it for you!  These are held during the week, Monday through Thursday in Cypress, Texas at a selected location with either old buildings, lined trees, or in the woods!  

Weekday Quick family update sessions in Cypress only.  Only offering one a day on weekdays left in the fall!  These are held during sunset for 30 minutes with a backup date in case of weather issues. 

What's included:  6 Digital Images; Special print packages for these sessions and option to buy more digitals if so desired. 


Special Print Packages (no substitutions)

Package 1 - $350
1-11x14 Standout Print
35-5x7 Holiday Cards with Envelopes
2 - Ornaments
All Digitals included via Digital download (30+ Images)


Package 2 - $250
25 - 5x7 Holiday Cards with Envelopes


Package 3 - $99
6 additional Digital Downloads (12 total)

Email: for questions!


See you soon!

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Newborn Baby Tony - Cypress, TX Being without a studio for the last month since coming back from surgery has been a bit tough.  I'm on a search for a new location but will be taking my time so wish me luck! Until then, I am inviting clients into my personal home to photograph newborns, babies, and one or two person sessions.  I am also doing on location in the great outdoors if you are looking for something for your family, extended family or special event. 

Baby Tony was one of my first sessions coming back after surgery and I'm so glad they were able to come to me.  It turned out perfect and it helped that baby Tony was so calm and cooperative!  He did an amazing job at posing and changing positions!  Don't you agree! 

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Pumpkin Booty It's so much fun painting!!  So why not paint pumpkin on booties... We had so much fun painting Baby Tony and Alayna with cute little pumpkins to match the current fall season we are in.  Texas is known for it's changing weather but this new cooler weather has me ready to photograph more fall sessions!  Who is ready!  Email: to book your fall session, the weather is PERFECT right now! 

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New Prices for fall and opening books up! On July 5th, I had a hysterectomy that put me out of commission for a while and I refused to take bookings after the surgery.  I'm glad I did that but then Harvey happened!  Being a small "luxury" business, photography is the first thing to cut for many families (including myself).  It's understandable.  So I am taking a step back and basically starting my business over.  Closing my studio before the surgery was necessary especially with blocking the calendar until I was well enough to take on clients again.  So for now, I will be inviting you into my home or only doing outdoor photography during certain times to be able to juggle home and business in my home.  Sessions will be held in my home M-F 9am - 3pm and outdoor during sunrise or sunset (depending on time changes).  I'm booking two weekends out of the month for photography (that changes depending on month/holiday schedule).  I will continue to book events and weddings max 2/month.  Due to the lack of studio at this time, I will invite you to order prints through me but it is not required at this time.  My goal is to open another studio when my calendars are full again and turn it back into my full time job.  



Quick Sessions (Cypress Only) - $150 - 15 digital images via digital download

Full Sessions - $300 - 30 digital images via digital download

Weddings/Quinceanera's books open (November 2017-June 2018): $1500 Base Digital Package with add on's additional

Newborn Photography: $250 in my home in Cypress or $350 in yours.

Birth Photography (Only Cypress/Tomball/Katy Area): $500





For those affected by Harvey (loosing house/possessions) I will be offering a day of family portraits for free.  Please send me an email with your story and we will put you on the list.  Unfortunately, many take advantage of these type of offerings so the story with pictures is requested. email:

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.  My books are now open for October, November and December!!!  


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Out of commission LIFE!  Oh man, what can I say.  There are so many things in this world that are put into perspective so quickly when life throws surprises your way.  I love what I do and I love that I have the support system in place to allow me to do what I love.  BUT sometimes life get's in the way and you have to take a step back.  

The hardest part of running a photography business is when you are the PRIMARY photographer for your company and you have to have down time for your health.  Unfortunately, I will be facing that time for about 6 weeks starting in July.  I will be having surgery.  

Part of my art is putting it all out there.  Well, to be an open book I have to put myself out there knowing that some may think it's not something for the intraweb.  BUT, most of you reading this know me pretty personally. I suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome); Endometriosis, and fibroids.  There is a constant pain that has put me in the hospital on 5 occasions, caused me to have trouble getting pregnant as well as cause multiple surgeries to reduce pain and possibility of internal bleeding. This will be my 5th surgery because of these issues but this will solve 80% of them.  A hysterectomy.  





  1. a surgical operation to remove all or part of the uterus.



I am 36 (about to be 37) and will be having this surgery.  I have two children (thankfully) and am ready to have a better life.  WITH THAT BEING SAID... That means I will be out of commission for 6 weeks to recover.  July and part of August, I will not be able to do photography.  This won't be your typical surgery that is done via laparoscopy; I will be having another C-Section.  I was hoping to never experience that pain again... a VERTICAL C-section that is from my belly button down.  ***Here's to hoping he'll take out some belly chub while he's at it.***  

Anyhow, I hope you understand and will keep me on your list for future bookings. I WILL have a list of referrals to send you if you are in need of amazing photographers during this time.  I have an AMAZING group of people in my life who carry an amazing talent behind the camera.  Please feel free to email me for referrals or just to talk. I'm sure I'll be knitting a lot during this time and online BORED and re-editing things from before. I AM available for any and all bookings for April, May and part of June!!!  Don't hesitate to message or email me as I need all the bookings I can get to pay for this AMAZING (sarcasm) surgery.  

Peace, Love, Happiness and Health!  


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Changes **********UPDATE:  Keeping the studio open on a month to month basis until the new adventure begins!  Thankful for an amazing landlord!**************


I'm not a huge fan of change in my personal or professional life, but times of change are coming to Marie Paugh Photography!

The studio in Richmond will be closing sometime this year for a new adventure (to be announced).  That does not mean I will not be shooting!  I'm offering Mini sessions during this time of transition and to keep things simple they will be all inclusive.  My prints will be available to purchase through online galleries, in home product viewing and video conferencing so we can talk about options BUT Digital's will be included in all mini's.  

Mini sessions can be booked with 50% down sent via paypal to  

Mini's are as follows

Sunday, March 5th - Downtown Dollcake Diva's - $200 w/15 digitals - (add hair/makeup for $100) ***Dresses provided***

Sunday, March 12th - Spring Break Beach Mini's - $150 - 30 minute sessions - 10 Digitals - think fun in the sun with sand and water!  (Family sessions are welcome for these)  


Sunday, March 26th  - Bluebonnet sessions - 20 minute sessions - 10 Digitals - $150 - Back up day TBD based on blooms (another date will be added if this books up) - Brenham or Chapel Hill location  (Family sessions are welcome for these)

Saturday, April 1st - Easter Sessions - 15 minutes - 10 Digitals - $150 - Indoor/Outdoor depending on weather/studio status 

Saturday, April 29th and Sunday, April 30th - Mom and Me mini's (in studio location TBD) - $250 - 10 digitals and a beautiful 11x14 standout print (add hair and makeup for $150 pp)

Saturday, May 27th - Me and My dad mini's (outdoor location TBD) - $150 - 10 digitals and beautiful 11x14 standout print 


Other sessions will be added after May but that's as far as I've scheduled out for now!  Thank you all for being so supportive during this transition!  Please contact me with any questions on these mini's or if you would like to book me for weddings, quinces, newborns or family... I need to book all the sessions I can this year for this amazing new adventure!!!  



Marie Paugh



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Noah's Birth When Jessica, a fellow photographer, asked me to photograph the birth of her son I was HONORED!  One for her to think I was good enough to capture such an important event in her life and for another, it's one of my favorite things in the world of photography.  Birth photography and videography are a passion that I've only been blessed to photograph 8 times in my life (this makes 9).  We talked about the date and kept up with her progress.  I have to say, this was the PERFECT birth.  Not only did she deliver on a Saturday in the morning but it only lasted 4-5 hours.  It was pure perfection.  

When it comes to photographing such an intimate moment, I try my best to make sure the mom is comfortable in knowing that I am a modest photographer.  I ask all of those important, very personal questions before the contract is signed via a questionnaire.  Jessica was open to my artistic vision and trusted me.  WHAT AN AWESOME FEELING!

During the delivery what I witnessed was a mom of one about to be two, calm and collected.  She knew exactly what she needed to do with her body to help her and baby progress.  When I walked into the room, she was standing and swaying through each contraction.  Smile on her face and hand on her belly. 




All birthing mothers go through the "let me check your cervix" check and Jessica was ok with this capture!  It's the moment you think "how far can you go there, lady".  I had both of my kids via C-section but you mom's out there that went through labor know this all too well.  

As the labor progressed, all I saw was the love this family has for each other.  Yousef is deeply in love with his wife.  Every chance he could he was showing his appreciation and holding her hand, seeing what she needed, checked on the babies heart rate, kissed her deeply, and played with their first born with just as much love and compassion.  It was honestly a beautiful thing to see.  The love is there, the respect is there, the family is a strong family that is bonded with the good stuff... permanent bonding agent of the strongest kind.  Their good friend was there to watch big brother while mom went through the birthing process which was pretty quick.  There was a couple of hours at a standstill, everyone went to get lunch and gave her some time to rest and much to everyone surprise, that's all she needed to be fully ready to push.  Everyone was called back....

This was the very moment the doctor was called....

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Newborns are my specialty Over the years working behind the lens I've learned the things that make me extremely happy... Newborn sessions, dressing up little ladies in dollcake fun, and love!  Starting out, I didn't have the studio in Richmond, but worked in the homes of my clients.  For the most part, most were located in Cypress near where I live.  I absolutely loved that, but dragging all of the props, floor drops, lighting, blankets and everything else associated with newborn sessions, I knew I needed a studio.  This has been my favorite place to create.  From the elaborate Star Wars theme with fellow photographer, Jessica from Shutterenvy...

Jacksons bookworm shoot...

To clean, simple images...


But each session is different based on the clients needs and my need for creativity.  During the next couple of months, I plan to photograph more creative sessions, both booked and model calls.  I enjoy newborns so much and hope to fill my calendar with them!!!!  My next project is for my Texas Hunters!  Can't wait to do this session next week!  

To book your newborn session email  


When is the best time to book your newborn session?  When you are pregnant in the second trimester.  

When is the best time to photograph your newborn?  Within the first two weeks of life.  They are more flexible, sleepy and curly.


For every client that sends a newborn my way will receive a $50 credit toward their next session fee!  

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Lemonade Stand with the Spencer girls Lemonade Anyone?  What a wonderful gift it was to be able to use this stand.  Jack did a wonderful job in building it.  The Spencer gals had a blast selling to mom and dad.  What could be better than spending a morning in Tomball learning to be an entrepreneur (or pretending to be).  :D  Jordyn and Brooklyn even took a taste of product to ensure quality. 

Lemons and Raspberries make for a great PINK Lemonade!

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Morgan and her Angel Introducing Morgan, she is a beautiful soul that will be forever guided by her Angelic twin sister.  Her sister, Harper, gained her Angel wings on April 1st, 2016.  Morgan was such a dream to photograph, she made my job so easy!  Brandie asked if I could come up with something to remember her sister by and a single butterfly was the symbol that resonated the most with us.  The butterfly is a spiritual symbol for life after death because of it's metamorphosis form a caterpillar that crawls on the ground to a beautiful creature that flies through the air.  What could have more meaning than that!

Morgan's big brother and sister are in love and who could blame them! Her parent's are from my home town of El Campo and it's so awesome that they live in the same city I do now, Cypress, TX.  Right down the road, in their home is where this session took place and I am humbled and honored to be asked to photograph such an awesome family.  


"Remembering twin sister Harper Ann who fell asleep with angels at 23 weeks on April 1st, 2016"

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